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Many Owners and Developers of projects in both the private and public sectors are using this process to manage their construction, control their costs and maintain schedules. The traditional method of designing and subsequently calling tenders is not as popular as it was a few decades ago. Today’s Owners want more control of their project during design and construction as opposed to leaving the market to define the cost of the project by Tender and predict its future success.

Construction Management works best when a Team consisting of the Owner or his representative, the design professionals and a construction professional align themselves into a strong cohesive team. Each should understand their position on the Team and be committed to a successful project completed on budget and on time. With each project Celtic Project Services embarks upon, we feel it is essential to form such a team and ensure that the Construction Manager plays an equal part as early as possible in the initial beginnings of the project.

As the Client conveys his requirements to the designers and the design progresses through its various stages it is important for the Construction Manager to impart his construction knowledge into this process. In these very early stages of the project, a projected design and construction budget must be defined, utilizing the construction manager’s knowledge and expertise of construction costs and industry conditions.

During design and at the completion of this project phase, various cost reviews are conducted to ensure the design is proceeding and completed within budget. These cost reviews ensure the design is cost measured correctly to enter into the next critical stage, that of securing competitive bids. The Construction Managers value increases at this juncture in the project cycle as his experience with sub trades and securing bids is common place to his every day experiences. This knowledge and experience will prove to be the necessary ingredients to guide the project into construction utilizing the right sub trades and the right prices.

During construction the Construction Managers value and presence on the Team is vital. The Construction Manager understands construction and the varied methods of delivery that best fits the project, he understands cost control necessary to keep within budget, he understands contracts to mitigate any disputes and he understands schedules to keep the project on time and cost efficient.

Celtic Project Services understands these fundamentals noted above. We will strive to be a valuable asset within the Team. We will be committed to ensuring proper guidance within our scope is administered by us, to ensure the project is completed within budget, on time and meets the Client’s requirements.

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