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Celtic Project Services through its founding Principal and Staff, have experience in the following types of projects:
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Sports Facilities


This project was for the creation of a four field indoor soccer facility, including locker / change facilities. One of the larger project design challenges was the issue of the land being a leased location, thus the building required a design allowing for a potential move in the future.


This project was for the renovation and addition to a golf course clubhouse. There were many challenges that come with a renovation, and combining all the required amenities within the restraints of the existing structure. The interior finishes are fantastic, and they show.




This project was for an Indoor Children’s play facility in Calgary. This was the first play facility of its kind, which proposed many challenges in the initial design. One of the client’s key factors is to have parent comfort along with a great facility for the kids. This was accomplished, and a second location has currently been completed.



This project was for the construction of a 2 story building plus underground parking. Following the base building construction was the Tennant Improvements for the restaurant utilizing the space. One of the largest project challenges was the surrounding area. Close to downtown, the construction space and neighbouring businesses and residents were a constant balancing act. The interior finishes chosen are very high quality, and it made for a fantastic end product for the client.




This project was a 3 building site development and facility for a large industrial services / environmental reclamation firm. One of the larger project considerations was traffic flow, the site constraints were a constant factor with the large amount of heavy machinery traffic flow. Whether it’s the large indoor cranes, or the explosion resistant chemical storage room, this was an exciting project.

Plazas and Parks:


This project is a skateboard and bike facility that required various repairs due to concrete cracking. A common site on this project was the construction workers watching the users in the open sections of the park….

Office Development and Interior Tennant Improvements:


Tenant Improvements come in many different options, sizes and, requirements. Or previous experience ranges from offices, Teaching Facilities, Community Centres, health facilities, and most other facilities required for an Interior Build out.

Roof Replacement:


1) The beginning of a Roof Replacement damaged due to a significant snow load. 2) It is essential to have fire chambers in place with the amount of wood trusses in place. 3) To put the trusses in place required a lift over an existing building. 4) Roof Replacement with a very wide Span of 120 FT.


Oil & Gas Lab:


The beginning of an Oil and Gas Lab. Finished Lab.


The addition of Snorkels for added safety working on hazardous materials.

Structural Steel Buildings:

We have experience with Structural Steel Buildings.

Specialty Projects:

This was an interior demolition in a historical building, with the addition of a health care clinic for a senior’s facility. As you can imagine, a renovation in a historical building has some surprises along the way to keep things interesting.

Fire and Police Facilities:

This Project was a historical building that required new interior facilities for Calgary EMS. With the historical significance of the building, the project team designed a very creative solution. The exterior structure was kept in place, and a new building was fitted to the interior of the space allowing EMS to have the requirements to perform their job.

We also have a background in Warehousing, Land Development, Multi-Family Housing. Please call us with any questions.

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